Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of conditions does Dr. Dhar treat?

    He provides minimally invasive and open surgical solutions for a wide variety of medical conditions and disorders in adults and in the paediatric level. He also specializes in the branch of urology.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Go to online appointment page or call our office schedule an appointment for testing or an office visit. You can check the website for contact details.

  • Why is surgery needed?

    Reasons to have surgery may vary from relieving or preventing pain to diagnosing a problem to improving body function. You can consult Dr Dhar to specifically explain why this procedure is being recommended for you and make sure you understand how this may improve your medical condition.

  • Why do I need surgery?

    The purpose of surgery varies, but it may be recommended for making or confirming a diagnosis, removing damaged tissue or an obstruction, repairing or repositioning tissues or organs, implanting devices, redirecting blood vessels, or transplanting tissues or organs.

  • How much does my surgery cost?

    Because health plans vary in their coverage of different procedures, there may be costs you will be responsible for. You will need to know what the specific costs of the operation will be and how much your insurance or health plan will cover. Dr Sourav Dhar performs cost-effective surgical procedures.

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