A Complete Guide About Piles Treatment

A Complete Guide About Piles Treatment


Piles treatment means that inflamed blood vessels inside or surrounding your anus and rectum are removed by surgery. In medical science, piles are seen as hemorrhoids. Many treatment options are available for piles treatment, but these are uncomfortable for you.

Surgery prevents blood circulation in the blood vessels or cuts it down. In maximum cases, doctors are used rubber band ligation to remove piles from your body. If you feel any discomfort or pain during stool emission regularly, depends on the piles treatment in Siliguri. You can cure within a week of surgery.

The Goal Of Piles Treatment

Piles are veins that are present inside and around your anus and rectum. When they get inflamed, you feel discomfort. Now almost many people have piles issues. External hemorrhoids are built beneath the skin on the other hand internal hemorrhoids build in the lining of the lower rectum.

Some people cannot aware that they have piles problems as they don’t have any symptoms, however, some have symptoms and need treatment. To decrease your symptoms the main aim of piles treatment is to remove them.

What Are The Symptoms of Piles?

Symptoms of having piles are differentiated according to their types, such as:

Internal Hemorrhoids

  • Bleeding starts during guts
  • Hemorrhoids open up from the anus, which is called prolapse

External Hemorrhoids

  • Irritation surrounding the anus area
  • Feeling pain in the anus while you are sitting
  • Swollen lump existed around the anus

Understanding The Piles Treatment

There are different types of piles surgery exists which include:

Rubber Band Ligation

To prevent bleeding from internal hemorrhoids rubber band ligation is used. During this process, a rubber band is used to prevent blood circulation in that area, and by the time the hemorrhoids are decreased.


Internal hemorrhoids while bleeding heavily, but not stand out coagulation process is for them. During the process, your healthcare provider uses infrared rays to prevent blood circulation in the hemorrhoids. Thus, it falls out over time.


In this process, your doctor will inject a chemical solution to numb the area. You will feel relieved from the pain. With the help of injection scar tissues are made and hemorrhoids fall off.


When a hemorrhoid is removed completely with the help of surgery, it is called hemorrhoidectomy. In the hospital, you will receive anesthesia via spinal cord injection. Your surgeon opens the anus and cuts the hemorrhoid completely. Then the doctor seals the area or sometimes opens it. The reason behind opening the wound is its area. The doctor leaves the area open as it heals early.

Hemorrhoid Stapling

While internal hemorrhoid is in the large form your surgeon will do this procedure. It cannot be possible with an external hemorrhoid. With the support of piles treatment in Siliguri, your doctor staples the hemorrhoid to the anal canal so that blood cannot be circulated in this area.

As a result, its size cannot be increased. Recent research says that hemorrhoid stapling is less painful than hemorrhoidectomy. Your surgeon uses anesthesia before commencing the surgery. All types of hemorrhoid surgery are safe yet effective enough. Talk to your doctor if you want to choose a non-surgical treatment option too.

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