How To Prepare For Gall Bladder Surgery

How To Prepare For Gall Bladder Surgery


Gallbladder, the pear-shaped storage organ of your body stores bile juice and is located in the upper right side of the abdomen. Gallbladder surgery is meant for the removal of the gallbladder and to address conditions like cholecystitis and gallstones.

There are many types of Gallbladder surgeries and each demands certain prerequisites to take for the well-being of the patients. If you decide to have gall bladder surgery in Siliguri, then don't forget to follow some dos and don'ts before surgery. Check below:

Locational Preparations

Depending on the surgery type, gallbladder procedures can be performed in the hospital or at an outpatient center. If you are having simple gallbladder removal through a robotic procedure or laparoscopy, generally it is scheduled at an outpatient surgical center. Otherwise, if there are some ambulatory surgeries performed on the gallbladder, then the patients are discharged on the same day.

Preoperative Lifestyle Measures

During your pre-operative surgical visit, doctors will explain the type of surgery to be conducted. That is either laparoscopic, open, as well as robotic-assisted surgery. Certain measures you have to take include signing the pre-authorization form which confirms your procedure.  Other preparations include:

  • Not shaving the abdominal area before surgery.
  • Shower with medical soap before night or in the morning of the surgeries.
  • Performing preoperative blood, urine, and diabetes tests, etc.

Your surgeon will verify all your reports and will ensure that the reports are normal and fit for conducting the surgery.

Food Habits

On the recommendation of your surgeon, you have to avoid eating food or fluids before a few hours of the surgery. Normally, patients are instructed to withhold any fluid or food from the night before the surgery. That is, at least 5-6 hours before the procedure.


Most importantly, while preparing for gallbladder surgery, you must share your medical history with the healthcare provider. Let them know the dosages and names of every medication, including the supplements, vitamins, or any complementary medications.

Your doctor will recommend abstaining from medications like heparin or aspirin during and after the surgery. Mainly because such medicines act as blood thinners and could cause bleeding and other complications during the procedure.

Clothes To Wear

If you are already having gallbladder conditions and the doctor is fixing the surgery date, then try to wear clothes that are comfy and easygoing for your abdominal region. Before the operation, you have to change into hospital gowns. Bring an extra set of dresses with you because there may be some need arise that you have to make an overnight or another day stay.

Other than these pre-operational preparations, try to bring some positive lifestyle changes. Avoid drinking or smoking, and get around 8 hours of sleep before having gall bladder surgery in Siliguri. It is so because a healthy lifestyle may avoid complications that can arise during or after the surgery like difficulty in breathing, hypertension, etc.

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